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Fulvic Acid Capsules

Fulvic Acid 

90 Capsules

Fulvic Acid Capsules

  • Fulvic Acid is named “nature’s miracle molecule” and serves as an indispensable vehicle for carrying vitamins and other nutrients to the proper places in our bodies. Fulvic Acid contains all the riches of ancient plants and is capable of transporting 60 or more minerals and trace elements, amino acids, amino sugars, peptides, nucleic acids and phytochemicals directly into our cells.


    Benefits of fulvic includes:

    • Improves Endurance: Energy levels improves due to the trace minerals, electrolytes and other essential nutrients contained in Fulvic Acid. Studies have shown that Fulvic acid activate and energize nearly every biological process in the body, helping cells remain active in the face of damage caused by stress, an unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep and oxidative damage.
    • Muscle Adaption: Fulvic acid consists of naturally occurring low and medium molecular-weight compounds, including oxygenated DBPs and acylated DBPs, which exhibit a number of positive biological inhibitory properties that are hard to obtain from any other source. Fulvic Acid has been reported to exhibit adaptogenic and potent anabolic properties that has for centuries been used to treat many disorders including muscle and tendon injuries.  It also improves physical performance and relieve fatigue by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, the mechanism by which your muscles are fueled.
    • Nutrient Absorption: Obtaining the proper amount of electrolytes and other trace minerals through a balanced diet are imperative for digestive health, healthy metabolic functions and nutrient absorption. However, food alone often is not enough. While the plants we eat offer a variety of vitamins and minerals we need, there are others from the soil that we cannot get by ingesting plants alone. Humic acids serve as nutrition for plants, and consuming fulvic acid is a way to get that nutrition directly from the source for ourselves. In addition, fulvic acid improves your body’s ability to make use of the other nutrients you do get from plants almost immediately.
    • Improves enzymatic reactions in cells, stimulates enzyme development, manufacturing of, and formation of enzymes. Fulvic acid molecules often itself supply the building blocks for cellular enzyme metabolisms and reactions.
    • Antioxidant and free radical scavenger - fulvic acid behaves as an electron donor or acceptor, depending on the radical charge. It renders the free radicals harmless. 
    • Detoxifies the body from toxins and pollutants.



    Fulvic Acid, plant-derived minerals, and trace elements.


    Elemental Composition:

    Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and other elements in trace quantities.


    Guidelines of use:

    • Fulvic acid is a pure, organic product that has no additives it has a rather bitter, acidic, unpleasant taste.
    • Start SLOW, especially if a person is sensitive or already experiencing gut issues/imbalances or other health problems. Start slowly and increase your dosage in increments to make sure you experience no side effects.
    • Detox symptoms may occur in the first week or two while your body begins to cleanse itself of built-up toxins. Symptoms will vary from person to person and indicate healing. Symptoms include, flu-like symptoms as light headache, mild diarrhoea (or constipation), mild joint aches, nausea, cramps, and fatigue. If experiencing detox symptoms, lower the dose and/or take dose every other day until symptoms are under control and work your way up to the recommended normal dosage.
    • Drink lots of water daily!

    **Do not use chlorinated water when you take fulvic acid as it does not react well to chlorine. Be sure to use RO or spring water.


    Dosage Information:

    Adult dose: 3 capsules daily.

    Children and Pets: To be scaled accordingly to age and weight.

    Intense healing*: Can take up to 6 capsules daily (x3 in the morning and x3 in the afternoon, preferably before 16h).

    *Intense healing treatments: After antibiotic treatment, times of illness/stress, recovering from severe gut/health issues, etc. It is always recommended to work with a practitioner — and for a person to listen and be in tune to their own body and to know when it would be a good idea to double up, and/or when to scale down to a lower/maintenance dose.

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