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as a sustainable solution


People including children around the world living in poverty experience many challenges, from a lack of safe water to harsh living conditions.

Ensuring that people have access to adequate nutrient-rich food and safe water is essential for protecting the safety, health, and well-being of millions of people worldwide. VITRA Strength was specially formulated and designed to be a ‘all in one meal’ option containing a combination of superfoods, herbs, vitamins and minerals to continuously supply essential nutrients, boost the immune system and assist in recovery, balance, endurance, fighting illnesses, diseases and allergies.


Nutritional Meal 

Understanding the importance of nutrition is fundamental to any feeding program supporting health.

The World Food Programme (WFP) reports “the right nutrition at the right time can change lives and break the cycle of poverty.”

More than just a meal!

VITRA-Strength is fortified with your essential vitamins and minerals in highly efficacious amounts to help correct any nutrient deficiencies and to promote healthy growth and development.

VITRA-Strength is a fully balanced nutritional whole food meal replacement loaded with vital nutrients to fuel an active lifestyle, support muscle building and recovery, and support a balanced diet.

Nutrition improves children's potential

Humans can’t survive long without food, but simple sustenance isn’t enough. Our diets must contain adequate nutrition to sustain life-long health. Particularly in the first 1,000 days of life – from conception to age two – a child’s diet will positively or negatively impact their future.

VITRA Strength promotes the well-being of children around the world so they can realize their full potential. Working in partnership with our local partners, we inspire volunteers to contribute their skills to projects addressing health, nutrition, hunger, and education.

VITRA Strength as a solution

Food insecurity is defined as not having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food that allows a person to remain healthy and lead an active life.


Hunger and malnutrition create a self-sustaining barrier that keeps people stuck in poverty. Hunger makes it more difficult for a person to learn, work, pursue opportunities and contribute to society. It drains a person's energy, destroys mental acuity, and exacts a heavy price on health throughout his or her life.

Put an end to Hunger & Malnutrition

When children/people do not have enough food to eat, or the food available to them is deficient in nutrients, malnourishment and chronic health issues become a serious and potentially life-threatening reality.

To fight this, we partner with local NPO’s and churches to implement early intervention health and nutrition initiatives providing individualized care and attention for people affected by poverty.

VITRA Strength initiatives helps meet the life-threatening needs of hungry children, while also providing preventive care to support long-term wellness.

Previous & Current Projects

VITRA-Strength has supplied and supported various organisations and local partners to ensure a lot of children a nutritious and balanced meal which provided them with essential vitamins and minerals and help them recover nutrients. Grateful and positive feedback has always been received from the organisations showing healthy growth and aid in development.


About 53 children under the age of five die in South Africa every day — and three-quarters of them do not live to see their first birthday. Most of these children die of preventable causes, with malnutrition a key factor. But malnutrition doesn’t only threaten children’s survival, it undermines their ability to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Children are not the only ones going hungry. Many parents sacrifice their own meal to ensure their children have something to eat.

You can provide immediate support by making a tax-deductible donation to one of the critical needs like HUNGER.

Previous & Current Projects

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

How we provide the best to both worlds

Tetra Medical Solutions ensures to provide a solution to Corporate Social Responsibility by offering their superior services and products. They can assist large companies and cooperations to utilize their corporate social responsibility initiatives effective and efficiently, to maximize the impact in their surrounding communities. TMS acts as liaison between possible donors/funders and the recipients (Non-Profit-Organisations, Churches that implement early intervention health and nutrition initiatives providing individualized care and attention for people affected by poverty). We consult and advise doners/funders on the correct and hassle-free implementation of their corporate social responsibility portfolios and work with registered NPO’s who can provide a Section 18A certificate which enables the donor to claim a tax deduction from their taxable income on submission of the income tax return and show contribution to corporate socio-economic development. On the other side we also provide the necessary support for the NPO by searching for funding and/or benefit programs suited for their needs and supplying them with a uniquely and superior formulated product to combat one of the largest apparent needs – hunger!

Current supported registered NPO’s & their community impact


80 people


30-50 children

Dynamic Women for Children

50 children per day
35 families

60 families
+/- 200 homeless

160 residents 
60 children (outside)

70 families

Tabitha Care Foundation

20 families

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